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"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan." ~ Jim Rohn
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Hair, Makeup, & Crafts


Original: Athena                              [publicity photo]
Play: The Odyssey                           Director: Matthew Ellis
Adapted: Mary Zimmerman              Photographer:  Sandra Bent
Director: Matthew Ellis
Photographer: Sandra Bent
Hair/Make-up Design: Pamela Workman
Location: University of Oklahoma
Year: 2010


Original: Amal [body sculpture]                              Original:  Amal [in production]
Play: 9 Parts of Desire                                            Costume Design:  Pamela Workman
Playwright: Heather Raffo                                      Set Design:  Christopher Fitzer
Director: Alissa Millar                                             Lighting Design:  Brad Grey
Location: University of Oklahoma                          
Year: 2011
Understructure Build: Pamela Workman
Details: This padding garment was created to give a performer the appearance of a heavier body structure than she actually possessed.  Made from spandex shorts that were layered with foam.  The foam was carved into form and then covered with 4-way stretch skin toned spandex.


Original: Pregnant body sculpture                               Original:  Arlene [in production]
Play: Baby, the Musical                                              Costume Design:  Pamela Workman
Playwright: Sybille Pearson                                        Set Design:  Ulderio Sarmiento
Director: Lyn Kramer                                                 Lighting Design:  Kirk Fitzgerald
Location: University of Oklahoma    
Year: 2009
Detail: This padding garment was created to give a performer the appearance of being nine months pregnant.  Built by using a nude leotard as the base and cutting the breasts section out.  The belly portion is layers of foam, carved, then covered with nude spandex.


Original: Chimpanzee [face cast]                       Original: Chimpanzee [in production]
Play: Words, Words, Words                               Costume Design:  Bekah Frient
Playwright: David Ives                                 
Director: Emily Plank
Makeup Design: Brittany Hartman
Structure Design: Pamela Workman
Location: Ashland University
Year: 2012
Detail: Cast the actor’s face to make a mold. Use latex and paper towels to build up the areas of the face in a monkey structure. Add hair and makeup to finish the latex prosthetic.  

Original: Avatar [before]                                 [after]
Makeup Design: Pamela Workman
Location: Personal Project
Year: 2010
Detail: Makeup transformation to produce the appearance of a fanciful creature. This is the 4-year-old subject, before the transformation.


Original: Facial Scarring                             [close-up]
Makeup Design: Pamela Workman
Location: Personal Project
Year: 2010
Detail: An unscarred subject wearing a prosthetic facial scar.

Original: Feather Making                                           Original:  Feathers applied to poncho
Play:  2014 Annual Gala                  
Theme:  Rio de Janeiro Carnival!
Costume Design: Pamela Workman
Location: Morehead State University
Year: 2014
Detail: Cut lightweight material into strips.  Then pull out threads and use a wire brush to distress.