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"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan." ~ Jim Rohn
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Costume Construction


Original:  Collage Upcycle Tshirt dress

6 white t-shirts and 3 black tshirts upcycled into this dress. 
Two pockets hidden into black trim.

Original:  Collage Upcycle Tshirt dress

Detail:  10 tshirts and bits left over from the other dresses.

Original:  Collage Upcycle Tshirt dress

COVID project 2020                      
To help salvage the memories of conventions, high school, trips, conferences, and etc. 
I don't typically wear tshirts.    

Detail:  Used 2 blue tshirts, 3 white tshirts, and 3 red tshirts. 
Handpainted Captain America star
Patch pockets
The Essay


Original:  Men On Boats

Play:  Men On Boats                                           Playwright: Jaclyn Backhaus                           
Costume Design:  Cole Spivia                 Shop Supervisor: Aimee Johnson
Photographer: AJ Reynolds

Detail:  Real Leather.  Sewn with overlap seams instead of a typical seam. 
Used my knowledge and childhood skills to properly sew the coat though with a machine.
Not handstitched.


Original:  Bilbo Baggins CosPlay

Commission 2016                         
Based off of the films
Photographer: Pamela Workman         

Detail:  Chemise, Vest, and Knickers were all custom patterned for this commission.
Pockets in the knickers and vest are all functional.


Original:  The Greek Chorus

Play:  Oedipus The King                           
Student Costume Design:  Angel Fox                 Shop Supervisor:  Pamela Workman
Photographer: Pamela Workman

Detail:  The goal was to have The Greek Chorus be statues within the set and move about. 
Once the paint charge decided on a technique, the costume shop staff was taught what to do.
Actors painted their finger nails white, wore white contacts, and learned to do their FX makeup.


Original:  Karen

Play:  The Children's Hour                                    Playwright:  Lillian Hellman
Director:  Robert Sean Parker                              Set Design:  Richard Paul Yeates
Light Design:  Marshall Pierce & Blaine Roberts
Costume Design:  Denise Watkins                      Shop Supervisor:  Pamela Workman
Year:  2014

Detail:  This costume pattern was designed after a small picture of a 1930s pattern;
as were most of the patterns created for this show.  I built the dress once I patterned and cut the material.


Original: Bonnie Peep           

Cutter/Pattern/Stitcher/Designer: Pamela Workman             
Detail: Close-up of bodice with hidden pocket.
Draped bodice pattern.
Woven bodice front.

(Hat is not part of order)

Detail:  2 Chemises.  


Original: Corset          

Cutter/Stitcher: Pamela Workman                                                
Detail: Red and Gold silk corset with stays and back lacings

Original: Sarah Sanderson Corset          

Cutter/Stitcher/: Pamela Workman                                                    
Detail: Edited period corset pattern.  Fabric dyed from white.  Back lacings.

Original: Ultron Black Widow inspired corset          

Cutter/Pattern/Stitcher/Designer: Pamela Workman                                                    
Detail: Faux leather corset.  Piped seam details.  Back lacing.

Original: Elspeth the Milkmaid bodice         

Cutter/Stitcher/Designer: Pamela Workman                                          
Detail: Edited period style corset.  Front and side lacings.  Modesty panel at sides.

Original: Elspeth The Milkmaid bodice         

Cutter/Stitcher/Designer: Pamela Workman                                                     
Detail: Front lacing bodice.  Gold stenciled paint detail.


Original: Arabella The Gypsy

Original: Patchwork style bodice

Detail: Personal project.  
Layered scarf skirt with drawstring waist.  
Irish chemise.  
Quilt-work fully boned bodice.  The bodice is mixture of patchwork style and the weaving different fabrics.


Original: Julia & Lucetta                                            Original:  Sylvia

Play: Two Gentlemen of Verona                                  Playwright: Shakespeare
Director: Steven Breese                                            Set & Lighting Design: Greg Hillmar
Costume Design: Bethany Marx                                Cutter/Draper: Pamela Workman
Location: Virginia Shakespeare Festival                     Year: 2012
Detail: I patterned and cut the bathing suits.                Detail:  I patterned and cut the entire dress.


Original: Bassanio

Detail: I altered an existing pattern and cut the vest and coat.

Original: Jessica

Play: The Merchant of Venice          Playwright: Shakespeare
Costume Design: Bethany Marx          Cutter/Draper: Pamela Workman
Location: Virginia Shakespeare Festival          Year: 2012
Detail: I cut the dress from an existing pattern.


Original: The Abaya – #1

Detail: Pattern draped on 1/2 scale mannequin.           Detail: A close up of the braided belt.
Used as a transitional garment for each of the
9 characters.

Original: The Abaya - #2 (Nanna’s)

Play: 9 Parts of Desire                                                   Playwright: Heather Raffo
Director: Alissa Millar                                                    Costume Design & Draper: Pamela Workman
Location: University of Oklahoma                                   Year: 2012
Detail: The second copy of the original                            Detail: A close up of the underskirt for the distressed Abaya.
                                          Abaya was distressed for the character Nanna.