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Professional Biography

     I am the Assistant Professor for Theatre at Brenau University and the Resident Costume Designer for the Gainesville Theatre Alliance in Georgia.  I will teach courses in costume design, costume technology, and practicum. This season I will be designing The Wizard of Oz & Noises Off.  This recent summer I worked with Lexington Children's Theatre as their Costume Designer for Cinderella - Commedia del arte.

     I recently designed The Odyssey, Crazy For You, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Much Ado About Nothing, Mary Poppins, & Once on this Island for GTA.  Last summer I worked with Lexington Children's Theatre as their Costume Designer and Supervisor for their summer production of Androcles and the Lion and designer for Cinderella. From Fall 2012 through summer 2015, I was the Costume Shop Supervisor & Instructor of Theatre for Morehead State University. I taught Costume Construction, Advanced Costuming, & Creative Sewing for the Theatre II. Along with co-mentoring student costume designers, I was the Costume Designer for MSU's annual Gala event. At MSU, we participated in KTA, SETC, KCACTF, and USITT.

     I was a graduate assistant in the costume shop at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, while completing a Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design. My Bachelor of Arts degree was obtained at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky, in May 2006; I majored in Theatre and History. 

     At the master's level, I selected coursework to integrate my history and theatre backgrounds and to enhance my illustration skills. For example, I honed the historical accuracy of my costuming through courses such as Costume Drafting and Period of Styles for the Theatre. I have trained in multiple illustration styles and techniques, including oil, markers, pastels, watercolor, inks, and gouache. 

     Though I have experience in different areas of theatre, my main emphasis is costume and make-up. My experiences relative to costuming range from design to construction of costumes to instructing courses in various aspects of costume work and makeup. At the University of Oklahoma, I taught the Costume Construction course for a year and the Makeup course for two years. In addition, I was a guest on the campus television show "Always Oklahoma," for a segment in which I applied costume makeup to the show's anchors.

                         Always Oklahoma

     With my knowledge of history and my breadth of design experience, I can provide instruction on dress and mannerisms from pre-history to modern times. I have designed costumes representing various periods, from medieval to contemporary. As a designer, I have experience in both pulling shows and fully realized designs. With my background in both History and Theatre, I understand that research is essential. Without good research skills, a designer cannot fully comprehend the intricacy of the period to be designed for and characters of the play. 

     I also have the requisite knowledge and experience to instruct courses in the principal and general technical areas of theatre. I have held design apprenticeships, and have worked in numerous theatre production roles that have enabled me to further my experience in costuming, scenic, lighting, directing, and house management. 

     What I bring is my imagination, overall passion, patience, and enthusiasm to teach. I am a personable, honest, and enthusiastic designer who relishes collaboration and problem solving. I have a strong costume design interest in mythical beings, including their history and modern counterparts, which are distinct but similar. It is this link that led me to my MFA thesis. My thesis is the Unrealized Costume Designing of Peer Gynt, The Skriker, and Dark of the Moon. Each of the three plays contains mythical creatures that require a particular type of analysis and conceptual design. 

     Anyone can enjoy theatre, whether the student intends to have a career in the field or not. I see teaching as a form of sharing – sharing one's experiences, techniques, joy in learning and growing, and exuberance for producing lifelong memories for both the audience and the theatrical practitioners. This sharing is not just from instructor to student, but also vice versa. My goal as a teacher is also to bring interesting ways of learning into the classroom. I understand that there are different ways of learning and taking in information. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to help each student understand the coursework and be able to retain the knowledge. 

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Rio de Jenairo Carnival
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