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"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan." ~ Jim Rohn
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Cakes & Sweet Creations

Original:  Woodland themed baby shower confections

Detail: Keepsake papermache tree is painted, moss/leaves/animals from Hobby Lobby
Grass is edible Easter grass, green apple flavor
Fallen Log is red velvet cake roll with chocolate buttercream frosting
Tree mushrooms hand painted gum paste
Red cap mushrooms meringue
Flowers in grass candy
Moss colored and toasted grahamcracker crumbs

Original:  Beach themed baby shower confections

Detail:  Water is red-velvet cake with buttercream icing
Beach is made of donuts and graham cracker crumbles
Keepsake Backdrop of setting sun is a watercolor painting

      Original:  Chocolate Fudge                           Original: Multi chocolate brownies
                         Original:  Connor's Chocolate Cake                         Original: Tuxedo Cake

Original: Chocolate No-bake Cheesecake


Original:  Sharknado Cupcakes                          Original:  Sugar tornados

Detail:  Vanilla Cake                               
Buttercream frosting
Modeling chocolate shark fins

Original:  Lego Star Wars                                        Original:  Lightsaber White-chocolate covered
                                                                                              pretzels Chocolate Chip cookies,
                                                                                              white chocolate drizzle
Detail:  Rainbow Vanilla Cake                               
Buttercream frosting under the modeling chocolate Legos
Chocolate Buttercream Darth Vadar

Original:  "Sushi"                                                  Original:  Fossil Cookies

Detail:  Rice Krisppie Treats rolled around               Detail:  "Play Dough" Cookie dough recipe.
Gushers candy then wrapped in                              Royal Icing on the back.
Fruit-by-the-Foot.                                                  Fossil shapes made from imprinting toys before baking. 
                                    Original:  Fossil Cupcakes
  Vanilla cupcake filled with a "biohazard"
                                    greenm white-chocolate ganouche.
                                    Topped with buttercream icing and a modeling chocolate fossil.

Original:  "Tortuga Cake"  Special Request for Shooting Stars YouTheatre

Details:  Made-from-scratch chocolate cake with caramel pecan toffee filling.
There is a caramel buttercream frosting.  The turtles are made from pecans and modeling chocolate.

Original: Baby Shower Cake                                   Original:  Close up of the Modeling Chocolate Baby

Details: This cake has a mixture of buttercream frosting, fluffy boiled icing, and hand molded & painted modeling chocolate flowers & baby.

Original: SkyLander Birthday Cake                         Original:  SkyLander Birthday Cake (finished)
                  (under construction)   
Details (Left Picture): Modeling chocolate character on the left.  Action figure on right. 
Details (Right Picture):  The full cake with all modeling chocolate figures.  The grass is a buttercream frosting. The water and lava is a boiled fluffy frosting.  The cake is carved from cake and rice krispie treats.

Original: T.A.R.D.I.S. Cake - custom order

Details: Buttercream Icing.

Original: Super Mario Brothers Cake

Details: The mushroom stem is cake while the cap is rice krispie treats.  
Both stem and cap are covered in homemade marshmallow fondant.  
The figures are made of modeling chocolate and hand painted.

Original:  Dig Your Claws In Halloween Cake

Details:  The cake is 3 tiered cake. 
The middle layer has a hollow center filled with the strawberry gelatin so when it was cut, the cake would then "bleed". 
The icing is fondant with a light layer of buttercream frosting underneath. 

Original:  Mmmmm....Cheesecakes

Details (Left Picture):  Graham cracker crust with piped cool whip cheesecake topping, purple sparkle dust, and gold pearl candies. 
Details (Right Picture):  Graham cracker crust, with fresh cut strawberries, and piped cool whip cheesecake.
Details (Center Picture):  Graham cracker crust, red velvet cake layers, and piped cool whip cheesecake.

Original:  Jammie Dodgers - a Scottish Treat for a Dr. Who themed birthday party

Details:  A type of sweet and thin shortbread cookie. 
Two layers with a strawberry jam in the middle.

Original:  "The Pandorica Opens"
Episode:  Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1890 The Pandorica Open which is related to his original painting Starry NightThe Pandorica Opens, was inspired by transmissions Van Gogh picked up from 102 A.D. Stonehenge.  Van Gogh painted hidden coordinates for the 11th Doctor to follow.

Details:  Blue Velvet cake and cupcakes aranged to resemble The Pandorica Opens
The icing was various colored buttercreams that were swirled and "finger-painted" onto the base and cake. 

Original:  Mickey Mouse

Details:  One layered cake.  Chocolate and vanilla buttercream icing piped with a star tip.

Original:  Infused butter

Details:  Not a sweet creation, but just as yummy. 
This homemade butter was infused with garlic and parsley.